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My purpose is to help you connect to and fully express your true self. The self that transcends sickness and limiting beliefs.

The journey that led me here started with the early termination of my collegiate running career. Stricken with Hashimotos and various infections, it became impossible to run. Completely devastated, a chiropractor gave me hope that my body can and will heal. 

Devastation turned into INSPIRATION and I started chiropractic school at Logan University nine months later. 

After a year into school, I discovered the healing that comes through the utilization of Bio-Geometric Integration concepts. After a few seminars with in-depth adjusting, I found that my thought processes became more positive and hormones stable.  

I have completed 200 hours of BGI seminars, chiropractic internship with BGI teacher Dr. Katina Manning, doula training through DONA International, Webster certification, and presence healing sessions to be the best support for your transformation. 

I look forward to working with you!

In loving service,

Dr. Rebekah

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For those who desire improvement of a health related issue; such as, low energy, poor sleep, weight gain, we offer personalized wellness plans to help you move and nourish yourself more fully.

How it works:

- All communication is done through email. 

- You will receive paperwork to fill out and specific metrics to track for three days. Once this is done you will email the requested information. 

-After the first consultation, a plan will be given to follow. This plan will be step by step instructions to follow to improve your particular health related issue. 

- Blood work or other testing may be needed to provide more accurate guidance. This will depend on your response to the recommendations. 

-Progress will be checked weekly through e-mail. This is where we offer gentle guidance to assist you where needed. 

What is the plan like?

The plan will offer steps to follow in regards to nutrition and lifestyle habits. We will offer strategies to help you connect to your own body and intuition as it pertains to nutrition and movement. The plans will offer gentle changes based on your week

If this resonates with you please fill out the contact form bellow. 

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Dr. Aldridge is a wonderful healer. Before my treatment I had a headache and real lack of energy. After my treatment I no longer had a headache, I felt much more grounded and vital. I look forward to continuing my care with her.

AC Participant

My first visit with Rebekah was at 22 weeks of my first pregnancy. I was having some pretty intense back pains and had also been reading about how beneficial chiropractic care can be for an unmedicated childbirth-which is my plan for the birth of my first child. After my first visit, I felt totally comfortable with her and have since gone back weekly. One of my favorite things about Rebekah is how well she can explain to me what she feels in my body and why she’s doing what she’s doing. She’s also super responsive to my needs and gives me recommendations for things to try at home to also help my body. She is super personable and has such a calming presence-so much so that I’ve asked her to be apart of my birth team. I highly recommend Aldridge Chiropractic as a place to receive thorough care.

AC Participant

Dr. Rebekah is an amazing Chiropractor. She takes the time to listen to your medical history and not only gives you a treatment plan that helps, it changes your life. I’ve had a crazy medical history of multiple things and with my treatments from Dr. Rebekah I’ve had better results than I’ve had from traditional medicine. I’ve been living with pain for years. Within the first two visits, I was and have remained pain free. I’m also getting results from other medical issues that weren’t the primary focus of my seeking treatment. She is very knowledgeable and she takes the time to explain things in a manner that is easily understood. She not only truly cares for her patients, she’s in tune with what to do and how to do it for them to heal emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. I cannot recommend her enough.

AC Participant

Dr. Rebekah is amazing!!! Every time I go I feel like a human again. I look forward to my appointment every week. She is so sweet and considerate. She really listens and works wonders!

AC Participant

Dr. Rebekah has this amazing energy about her and I instantly felt comfortable. Today was the first day in almost 3 years I woke up without back pain. I cried because of this because I honestly thought I’d always have it. I use to be so afraid to go to the chiropractor because of horror stories I have heard. Please, give her a chance! She only pop adjusted my neck. I was so worried she’d pop everything but nope. I have my second appointment scheduled with her and I can’t wait to go back. I’m on the road to finally healing.

AC Participant

Our whole family receives adjustments from Dr. Rebekah, and she is AMAZING! Our 3y/o loves going to "Dr. Abekah's office,'' and she does so well with her. My husband and I have seen a major difference in our overall health. Our newborn had some tension at our last appointment, and once Dr. Rebekah released it, our daughter visibly relaxed, was happy and slept for an hour straight. Dr. Rebekah is extremely personable, knowledgeable, and intentional. She is such a blessing to our family!

AC Participant

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