My life’s purpose is to facilitate the realization of who God has designed you to be. Help you find yourself underneath the sickness and limiting beliefs. 

The journey that led me here started with the early termination of my collegiate running career. Stricken with hashimotos and various infections, it became impossible to run. Completely devastated, a chiropractor gave me hope that my body can and will heal. 

Devastation turned into INSPIRATION and I started chiropractic school at Logan University nine months later. 

After a year into school, I discovered the healing that comes through the utilization of Bio-Geometric Integration concepts. After a few seminars with in-depth adjusting, I found that my thought processes became more positive, hormones more stable, and destructive habits broken. 

Determined to bring these concepts to those in need, I have taken 120 hours of BGI seminars and 6 months of training with a world-renowned BGI teacher, Dr. Katina V Manning DC.

I am ready to serve and facilitate the realization of who God has designed you to be. 


Dr. Rebekah's Chiropractic Transformation



Mark 16:18- "... They will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

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BGI is a chiropractic approach based on the intricate geometry of the body. Founded by Dr. Sue Brown, DC, the concepts are based on physics, quantum mechanics, and vitalistic philosophy. 

One of the core wisdoms of BGI is; physical, emotional, and spiritual life experiences that are not processed can get stored in the body as patterns of tension. The patterns layer, often leading to disharmony and dis-ease.

Chiropractic is the art, science, and philosophy dedicated to integrating harmony into the physical, emotional and spiritual body. 

With extensive training in BGI concepts, a chiropractor is able to facilitate the integration and processing of the life experience leading to healing and discovery of God’s intended design.

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The ADJUSTMENT is the foundation of the chiropractic practice. In short, it is the removal of interference in the brain body communication. 

Interference comes from physical, mental, and spiritual stressors and is the root of dis-ease. 

With getting adjusted, the brain body communication will first experience a RESET, washing away old neurological patterns. Then, BALANCE, regulating your body's excitation/ inhibition and building/ breaking down processes. Thirdly, RENEWAL where you will experience rewiring and reconditioning of neural connections leading to a new level of health and vitality.

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