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1) E-mail me at or submit a form below to request a one month customized nutrition plan or movement plan or both. 

2) I will e-mail you specific questions about your personal experience with what you are requesting and may ask for video or images of a specific movement pattern be sent back to me. 

3) You will then receive a return e-mail with directions to keep a one week food diary or one week movement log along with business specific paperwork. This is also where you pay for the one month plan. 


4) You will then receive your one month plan, one week after submitting the one week food diary or movement log. This will include mindfulness practices along with specific exercises or nutrition metrics. 

5) We will decide which day of the week you prefer your check in and support. I will email you in the morning and respond in the evening. 

6) After the one month is over, you can decide if you want to continue or pause. The price for continued plan alterations and support is less than the initial month. 

Scheduling/ Pricing: Text


Thanks for submitting!

Scheduling/ Pricing: Contact
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