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Ten Things That Have Invited Ease Into my Pregnancy

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

I am nearly eight months pregnant and have had very few complaints. In fact, it has been a beautiful and awakening experience. This baby has changed us more than I could have ever expected.

Listed are ten things that have invited ease into my pregnancy. I pray this helps you on your journey in some way.

1. Receiving chiropractic adjustments before and during pregnancy. This has significantly helped my body adapt to the changing stressors.

2. Having significant muscle mass and strength to support a growing belly and stretchy ligaments before becoming pregnant. Specifically from squats, deadlifts, and running.

3. High fat and high protein diet from animal sources. I am not talking about keto or low carb. I eat plenty of those too. However, nutrient density and bio-availability is definitely found from animal sources.

4. Sitting on the floor often. This opens my body up to a lot of different movement throughout the day as I shift from one position to the other. I prefer butterfly stretch, squatting, figure four stretch and sitting cross legged throughout the day. If interested, I would recommend starting this before pregnancy to get your body acclimated.

5. Decreasing my physical workload. I understand not everyone has the opportunity to go from full time to part time at their work but I did and it helped immensely with daily energy levels.

6. Intentionally feeling, being present with, and holding space for the growing human in my belly.

7. Having intentional conversations with my husband about where we want to be in our relationship and how to get there.

8. Balancing finances and setting a financial goal. Specifically, we have been writing down what we spend money on and comparing that to our income. We have also been sticking to an agreed upon financial plan and saving for specific investment opportunities. This has been crucial in easing anxiety about post baby finances.

9. Returning to our religious roots of daily prayer, bible reading, attending church, and bible study.

10. Having friends and family who hold space for us to grow and evolve. They do not impose their personal beliefs but rather; share their beliefs and experiences without pressure to do the same.

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