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Physically Active Female Attempting a Calorie Deficit

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Visit for more information. Contact Dr. Rebekah at to set up a personalized Wellness Plan with weekly check ins/ plan alterations.

Participant background information

  • Female athlete who exercises daily with a physical job

  • Currently attempting a 25% calorie deficit

  • Goal of having increased vitality throughout the day while at a calorie deficit

1) Increase protein intake to at least 90 grams per day from animals (more bioavailable). If it’s doable, 1 gram per pound of body weight would be excellent.

  1. In calorie calculating, only 70/100 calories are absorbed from protein so you can eat more and feel more satiated. I am uncertain if your calorie tracker takes this into account.

  2. Eat around 100 calories from protein before you exercise. This will help your body unlock the stored glucose for your workout.

    1. Recommended this because participant currently does not eat anything for breakfast but does already eat after her workout. I recommend continuing eating post workout and adding the pre workout protein.

  3. The research is inconclusive as to whether it is best to spread out protein or eat it all at once (if fasting). I would recommend including it in all of your meals for optimum satiation and energy.

  4. Red meat would be beneficial three times a week. Carnosine in beef is 85% more bioavailable than other meats which is helpful for fat utilization. Carnitine is also high in beef which helps with fat utilization.

2) Water with salt and lemon juice (or something similar)

  1. Redmond sea salt is the recommended brand and will help you stay hydrated while also increasing mineral consumption.

    1. Just a pinch in your water

  2. Adding lemon or some sort of fruit turns the water into “gel water” and is more easily absorbed at a cellular level.

3) Increase mineral consumption. This will assist in satiation as well as assist your body at the cellular level in energy creation.

  1. Redmond sea salt

  2. Bone broth

  3. Nettle tea- mountain rose herbs is a good brand

  4. Organ meats

  5. Veggies

4) Recommended supplements

  1. It appears that the healthbyhabit, blogilates, and isopure protein powder are not third party tested/ NSF certified. I would recommend using to find something similar. These are the supplements the participant is already taking

    1. Protein powders seem to be pretty hard on the liver and often contain trace amounts of heavy metals.

  2. Nascent iodine from biowarrior: Iodine is an essential mineral needed for all of the body’s processes. Nascent means that you won’t absorb more than you need.

  3. Methylated b vitamin from pure encapsulations. Methylated means that your liver does not need to do work in digesting. Many people lack the gene to methylate b vitamins. You get a ton of b vitamins with the supplements and energy drinks but it is uncertain where they are sourced from.

  4. Vitamin D from innatechoice. Another essential nutrient that we often do not get from our environment or food. It is recommended to do 1000IU per 25lb of body weight but anything around 5000IU would be good.

5) Digestions assistance

  1. You mentioned that you have had digestive issues in the past. What I recommend for that would be apple cider vinegar with the mother before/ with meals. See how this does.

  2. Bone broth will also help in healing the gut. Ingesting on an empty stomach should help over several months of consistent use.

6) Possible recommended blood work panels

  1. Micronutrient panel $339

7) Recommended resources for your enjoyment :)

  1. Lockhart and Leith- Nutritionists for MMA

  2. Mike Mutzel- Interesting information on fasting

  3. Dr. Stacy Sims- Specific nutrition for the female athlete

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