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Ladies, You Need More Protein!


- Protein is broken down and used to make enzymes. Enzymes are used for most of the body's processes.

- Protein provides building blocks for hormones. Hormones act as communication signals throughout the body. Insulin and human growth hormone are examples of hormones that require protein as building blocks.

- Important for proper immune function.

- Provides structure to bones, tendons, ligaments, and skin.

- Helps the body maintain proper ph and fluid balance.

How Much?

- Women need at least 90 grams of protein from ANIMAL SOURCES. Ideally 1gram/ pound of body weight especially if pregnant or breast feeding.

- Why animal sources? The body absorbs and utilizes protein from animal sources better than from plants.

The most common results that I have observed from women increasing animal protein intake are increased energy, hormone balance, and blood sugar regulation (steady energy and mood throughout the day).

What Does Getting Enough Protein Look Like?

Examples provided offer 30 grams of protein. You need at least three of these each day.

- 4 eggs (7g each)

- 1 small chicken breast (3.5oz, roughly the size of the palm of your hand)

-1 can of tuna

-4oz ground beef (.5 cups)

-1 cup of greek yogurt

-2oz of lunch meat + 2oz of cheese (view nutrition facts to see how much is needed for 1 oz)


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